Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri Potrika 22 September 2023

Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri Potrika 22 September 2023. There are many employment circulars in Prothom Alo right now. It is a well-known newspaper for job announcements. Now a days this news paper increases their contribution in Bangladesh. owing to its daring journalism, extensive information, and presentation with a distinctive layout and design. Since then, Prothom Alo has used its print and digital products to illuminate every nook and cranny of Bangladesh, as well as 200 other countries and territories worldwide. As a result, this quickly won over people’s hearts. Even the smartest and most meticulous readers showed their commitment to it. You must see government jobs here.

But the most significant factor in Prothom Alo’s unparalleled success The values and principles are now in focus. The blow allows you to see. We practice transparent, unbiased journalism with heroic bravery. We discuss the individuals supporting them. Every day, we speak of positive change. We look beyond ordinary  progress to innovation and uniqueness. So we march together.

Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri

The Prothom Alo family members have now committed to promoting the principles of democracy, intergroup peace, and the significance of the liberation of Bangladesh. Our team shows kindness to everybody in the family, regardless of gender or including women, age, children, and people of all colors. It relates to the country and its people rather than an organization or institution. Prothom Alo is growing objectives, uncompromising, and neutral in presenting news.

These devoted reporters are dispersed around the districts in order to cover every nook and cranny. Our journalists uphold the strict journalistic ethics that Prothom Alo has established as policy. Prothom Alo has developed a “Language Usage Guide” to preserve the integrity of Bangla and promote consistent language use. Additionally, Prothom Alo has created an obligatory code of conduct for writers covering stories involving women and children.

If the protection of Prothom Alo lies in its values and principles, then its collector of inspiration is its readers. They are its ultimate decision-makers and owners. They support Prothom Alo’s march into the future by keeping it alive every day. Prothom Alo is, thus, definitely accountable to its readers.

Chakri Bakri 22 September 2023

Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri Potrika 22 September 2023

Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri Potrika 22 September 2023

Chakri Bakri Potrika 22 September 2023

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New Jobs Circular

প্রথম আলো চাকরির খবর ২২ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০২৩

  • All govt. job circular.
  • All non govt. job circular.
  • NGO job circular.
  • Ministry of Bangladesh job circular.
  • All education job circular.
  • Otherwise all category job publish done.

Prothom Alo has shattered all of the prevailing circulation milestones in Bangladesh’s print news media business along the way of its trip, and it is tenaciously pursuing higher ground. This esteemed publication is printed at presses in Bogra, Chittagong, and Dhaka.

Prothom Alo’s print edition is read by 6.6 million people daily, per the National Media Survey 2018 data. Not only does Prothom Alo have a much higher circulation than any other newspaper in Bangladesh, but it also reaches the country’s most well-educated and intellectual readers. Prothom Alo is also published from outside Bangladesh’s borders; the Weekly North America Edition is printed in New York and sent to Bangladeshi expatriates living in all 50 states.

Prothom Alo Chakrir Khobor

The most popular website in the world in both Bangla and Bangladeshi is Prothom Alo’s online portal. With about 300 million pageviews each month, our portal receives 13 million visitors from 200 different nations and territories. Prothom Alo, which has almost 15 million followers, is one of Bangladesh’s most popular Facebook pages based on fan following.

So, Prothom Alo has the most followers and the highest level of participation on other social media sites in the nation. Besides Prothom Alo is also in the list of top 100 media companies of the world based on the number of followers in Facebook. Prothom Alo has one of the most popular accounts in Bangladesh on Twitter.

But Prothom Alo organizes a number of events regularly on various topics and also to commemorate special occasions. Some of the most popular events of Prothom Alo are:Gonit Utshab (Math Olympiad)Bhasha Protijog (Language Competition).

Prothom Alo Jobs

  • Best Sportsman of the Year Award
  • Tarunner Joyotshob (Youth Fest)
  • Debate Competition
  • Programming Contest
  • Science Carnival.
  • Kianando (Adolescent edutainment festival)
  • Priyo Shikkhok Shommanona (Favorite Teacher Award)
  • Krishi Puroshkar (Agricultural Award)
  • Meril-Prothom Alo Puroshkar (Media and Entertainment Award).
  • Borno Mela (Alphabet Fair).
  • Bridal Festival
  • Best Book of the Year Award
  • Women’s Day Celebration
  • Structural Design Competition

Chakri Bakri Prothom Alo 2023

Actually bondhushava (Cohort of Friends) is another vibrant wing of Prothom Alo that began its journey on 25 November 1998 and has around 80,000 volunteers at present, known as ‘friends’, living in different corners of the country. They are constantly prepared to assist those who have been affected by monga, cyclones, floods, droughts, and other natural disasters, protest acid attacks, spread awareness about drug usage, Spread the word about a variety of social challenges, such as HIV/AIDS, and labor assiduously on behalf of any humanitarian cause. Therefore, across the nation, Bondhushava volunteers are actively involved in a wide range of charitable, cultural, and social endeavors. They have stood out thanks to their endeavors, education, and refinement. If you see details Prothom Alo Chakri Bakri Potrika 22 September 2023.


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