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LAMB NGO job Circular 2022 has been publish. Currently, in the year 2013, the village level public health and development program is very wide with clinics and other activities as well as other big activities. There is a 150-bed general hospital which serves the population of this area and the surrounding upazilas. also a training center that provides training in healthcare for staff at organizations other than Lamb’s. The special feature of Lamb is the beautiful combination of its program and activities. Public health programs, hospitals, training centers and research activities support each other and include maternal and child health, pregnant mother services, postpartum services, under five programs, rural health workers training, tuberculosis control, disaster risk reduction, nutrition, sanitation, children with disabilities and prevention. Emphasizes on health issues. LAMB NGO job Circular 2022 apply now.

See more information LAMB NGO job Circular 2022. Very few NGOs in Bangladesh provide maternal health services, especially from primary to hospital level. Lambi is the only NGO with women and children in this impoverished region of northwestern Bangladesh. In 2010, about 60,000 patients came to the clinic, half of whom came for antenatal care. Hospital specialist services include obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery and medicine. Other services include X-rays, ultrasound, laboratory and pharmacy. The Disability Child Care Unit provided treatment to about 1000 patients in 2010 including lip / palate surgery, crooked foot treatment. Apply for LAMB NGO job Circular 2022.

LAMB NGO job Circular 2022

  • Salary Range: Tk. 36697 (Monthly)
  • Age limit: See the circular
  • Number of posts: See the circular
  • Deadline: 10 April, 2022
  • Apply from below
LAMB NGO job Circular 2022

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LAMB Bangladesh job Circular 2022

Lamb charges a fixed fee for the services it provides, but subsidies are available for those who are very poor and cannot afford to pay. The training center trains NGO workers, government employees and Lamb staff on health issues. The emphasis is on the subject of motherhood. The trainings include government approved SBA training, advanced midwifery training and various types of short term health training for health workers. Most of the trainees are from Lamb work area. Trained more than 600 workers in 2010.

LAMB NGO job Circular 2022

Lamb’s research activities focus on health issues, including maternal / child nutrition and issues related to pregnancy and childbirth. Since Lamb’s health activities exist in the community and in the hospital, and because of its location in remote and impoverished areas, many well-known international institutes and universities are increasingly interested in involving Lamb in research work on poor rural health issues.

Lamb continues to run an English medium school that continues to provide quality education. The school is primarily open to staff children but also to the local public. The presence of the school has helped in retaining the useful staff of the organization in Lamb which in turn has helped the poor people of the area to continue providing quality services.

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