Pran RFL Group Job Circular 2023

Pran-RFL Group job Circular 2023 has been publish with new posts. Keep eyes on They need a lot of manpower to run their organization properly. In view of this, they issue circulars at different times. Pran-RFL Group is one of the largest food producers in Bangladesh. Rangpur Foundry Limited started its operations in 1981. The group was founded by Amjad Khan Chowdhury. Apply by looking at Pran-RFL Group job. In 1975, he established the Agricultural Marketing Company Limited for the production of agricultural products. Initially, the company leased land in Naringin and produced tuberose, papaya, banana and pineapple.

Amjad Khan, who did not get the price of these during the season, started a pineapple processing factory. In 1998, Pran started exporting pineapple to Couture in France. After the death of his father, Ahsan Khan Chowdhury became the chairman of Pran-RFL Group in 2016. Find more jobs on job paper bd. Today, Pran-RFL Group started its journey on a small scale and has more than 25 industrial establishments. Among the companies of Pran-RFL Group are two public limited companies. Agricultural Marketing Company Limited and Rangpur Foundry Limited. Besides, there are more than 25 companies including Pran Agro Business Limited, RFL Plastics Pran Dairy Limited, Pran Exporters Limited. Pran-RFL has 23 factories in 13 places in the country.

Pran RFL Group Job Circular 2023

Qualification: See the circular
Experience: See the circular
Deadline: 30 January 2023
Online apply link see below

Pran RFL Group Job Circular 2023

Qualification: See the circular
Experience: See the circular
Interview: every month

Pran RFL Group Job Circular 2022

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PRAN Company Job Circular 2023

The establishment of Pran was based on the vision of providing products that enhance health, nutrition and the well-being of society. In this way, it has contributed to the increase of rural livelihood, improvement of living standards, national and foreign reserves and employment in his country. Pran is deeply aware of his responsibility towards the society and this awareness is reflect in his activities. The main source of raw food in Pran Food is contract farming. It contributes immensely to the economic development of rural livelihoods through job creation and overall improvement of rural conditions.

Manufacturers are provided with quality input and improved farming techniques, access to money, crop insurance, improved storage and collection systems, and access to international markets for their products. Provision of self-sufficiency in equipment, knowledge and money is believed to provide life-sustaining benefits in the long run. Also, Pran farmers support them by working with financial support at every level. Pran contributes to education spending, infrastructure development, government employment generation and cash transfers under the safety net. It is one of the largest corporate taxpayers in the country.

RFL Group Job Circular 2023

RFL started its journey in 1970 with iron products. The primary goal was to ensure clean water and affordable irrigation equipment to improve rural life. Today, the company has a wide range of CI products such as pumps, tube wells, bearings, gas stoves, etc., and has earned a reputation as the largest cast iron foundry and light engineering workshop in Bangladesh. RFL diversified its activities in 1996 in the PVC sector and in 2003 in the plastics sector with the aim of serving the common people of Bangladesh with quality essential products. Currently these three sectors- iron, PVC and plastics in the top countries in the market.

The size is also export to different countries. It is equipped with in-house R&D facilities for new product design and development. A well-organiz proprietary laboratory is use to ensure quality products. RFL has receiv letters of commendation from BSTI for strictly adhering to the standards set by both the agencies. The factory sites are 500,000 square meters of company-owne industrial gardens, fully equipp in the state of industrial injection molding machines with extrusion with a conversion capacity of more than 20,000 tons per month. RFL currently uses 1600 molds with its own equipment facility through 500 machines,

04 foundries and 250 extrusion machines. We are a very strong organization of 12,000 employees dedicat to supplying customiz and quality plastic, PVC and CI products. By producing premium quality products to give clients great service and real value for money, RFL has become the standard for competitors of the quality type. Comparable products have given a big name to the domestic market. This possible because the companies are professionally manag and promot by people who ensure creativity. We welcome the opportunity to be your manufacturing partner in your business journey.

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